Full service logistic service provider with value-add potential

warehouse ALC

ALC Warehousing is a full-service logistics service provider in the field of (high value) goods storage, transport, distribution and stock management. The company also takes care of the handling of customs permits. ALC Warehousing has 27 employees. The customer base consists of major international companies worldwide, from South Africa to Sweden and China to the US. The company operates its warehouse with a storage capacity of 25,000 m2 and meets all safety requirements with a TAPA-A FSR certificate. The business premises include a Champestate Business Centre, which rents out office units to SME’s in the region. In addition, the group is a supplier of its own hand tool brand TOOLTECH.

ALC Warehousing

For Globitas this acquisition is the start of its ‘buy & build’ strategy of logistic portfolio. The company has some good value-add opportunities and at the same time is a crucial full-service logistics service provider with the highest safety certificates. The logistics market is developing strongly and we see a promising future in which ALC continues to prove itself as a reliable logistics partner in high-security supply chains. By expanding our services and coming up with new revenue models, we can deliver even more value to our customers.

ALC Warehousing

For more information on Globitas' logistic portfolio, contact Daan Delsing (d.delsing@globitas.com)