Geesinknorba supports Ambon

Geesinknorba is participating in a project in the Indonesian city Ambon. This collaborative initiative involves local and Dutch companies, along with support from the Dutch government, all working together towards a common goal: establishing efficient waste collection and sorting systems to reduce overall waste volume on the island.

One of the key focuses of this project is to improve the working conditions for waste management personnel and optimize waste collection and sorting processes. How? Through the implementation of "Smart Waste Centers" that feature advanced waste sorting systems capable of processing waste quickly and safely.

waste truck Norba

To support this project, Geesinknorba donated a Norba rear loader to Ambon city. This RCV was handed over by Taco van den Dungen, Branch Manager Export, to the local authorities on June 26th, 2023. The vehicle will play a crucial role in compressing waste, resulting in improved efficiency and transport.

The ultimate goal of this project is to divert more than 800t of waste from landfills annually, while creating safe employment opportunities for several sorters and collectors on the island.