Investment Characteristics.

We invest in businesses and assets with strategic qualities that have attractive risk/reward dynamics. The opportunities we invest in often have one or more of the following characteristics:

  • A strong market position in a changing industry and potential to disrupt the value chain.
  • Defensible characteristics and/or high barriers to entry.
  • Provide an essential service or product to end-users and therefor have stable customer relationships.
  • A valuable asset base.
  • Medium to long-term customer contracts.
  • We understand the business, its parameters, the industry it’s operating in and see a value-add potential.

Based on the opportunity and vested in our investment characteristics we target and invest in following key investment themes:

  1. Investments in distressed and undervalued companies and assets with remediable challenges, but with strong fundamentals;
  2. Supporting companies and management in carving out non-core operations, setting them up as stand-alone entities;
  3. Supporting companies in need of re-building and re-financing the foundations of their organization (processes overhaul, operational optimization, buy outs) and subsequent investing in innovation and sustainable profitable growth;
  4. Investments in non-performing loans, asset-backed transactions like real estate and real estate related investments.

Globitas’ principle regional focus is the Netherlands, whereas other Western European countries we engage with our international partners. We invest across the capital structure and sector agnostic. Total investment ticket size ranges from € 10m to € 50m.

We do not invest in:

  • Early stage seed-, start- of scale-ups, but we do integrate them to our platforms.
  • Industries we are not comfortable with: event & hospitality, movie & entertainment, oil, gas & other fossil fuels, pharmaceuticals and retail fashion.
  • Unethical sectors (see our Mission).