Oxxio was founded as a disruptive independent energy supplier with the mission to supply 100% green energy, at a lower price than ‘gray’ energy from non-sustainable sources. Oxxio became, as part of our team’s track record, the fourth largest energy provider of the Netherlands. Super smart and super value; that is Oxxio’s brand promise. The company has always remained offering customers the best price for 100% European sustainable energy and gas. The company used a combination of predictable and manageable marketing methods in order to effectively grow the subscriber base. The company was the first in developing a shared-risk and revenue model to fund marketing activities. This way Oxxio was able to grow rapidly and adapt to local differences, pricing and approach. For above the line campaigns the animated ‘Oscar’ was developed for a distinctive communication style. This gave the company the flexibility to ‘overnight’ make and adjust commercials. This was particularly helpful responding to current affairs, like news items or when competitors were raising their prices ;-). Oscar remained Oxxio’s mascot for over 10 years.



Oxxio acquired and integrated 4 companies in a two-year period. When Oxxio was sold to UK energy supplier Centrica, our team had hit a home run at its valuation of ~€137m.  The company ultimately grew to >700.000 customers, generating over €500m in revenues.


*This case is shown as part of Globitas’ team track record. Members were actively involved in the management and as shareholders and/or as an investor of the case mentioned above.