Potential restart of MC Slotervaart hospital

After the much discussed insolvency of the MC Slotervaart, the administrators Marc van Zanten and Marlous de Groot, are exclusively discussing the possibilities of the continuation, with a takeover candidate. This is a plan in which a substantial part of MC Slotervaart's healthcare activities will be continued at the location on Louwesweg in Amsterdam. The takeover candidate is a consortium that include directors of CCN (Cardiology Center Nederland); Dr. I.I. Tulevski, Dr. G.A. Somsen. The team of doctors and management of CCN made a comprehensive plan and, together with investor Globitas, is aiming to continue a substantial part of the healthcare activities. For a restart of MC Slotervaart, these investors will jointly set up a new company that is completely separate from CCN. Mr. Loek Winter is not part of the consortium.

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