The office furniture market has been forced to adapt as a result of Covid-19. Hybrid working is not a temporary trend. It’s a seismic shift in how we work; there’s never been a greater opportunity for organizations to reset their culture. People are more going to work from home and use their office space differently. A new era of hybrid working is here and it will require new kinds of spaces that create flexible workplaces and new ways in how we work. It is a redefinition on how the office space can reenergize and reconnect people. In order to succeed, the workplace will need to change. People will want to see and feel that their organization is taking action to meet their new needs. As a result, these developments are thriving e-commerce and new business models.

Well positioned to tackle upcoming non-reversible trends

Rockmart and Profeq Professional have been active as a retailer and wholesaler in office furniture for over 33 years. The success of the company is driven by a wide inventory of office furniture, which is directly available because of its large stockholding position.

After the acquisition by Globitas, the companies entered a new phase with a focus on hybrid working, innovation, digitization and innovative business models. As an agile, entrepreneurial organization with efficient inventory management, flexible service and delivery capacity, the company is well placed to tackle these changes and the upcoming trends.

New customer segments and sustainability

In addition to new customer segments in the sectors such as healthcare and education, the company will focus on new product groups such as outdoor and own sustainable and design products. The company is innovate in the field of circularity and collaborate with existing players in other sectors, such as healthcare, to offer a complementary product range.


Investment date: November 2021

Ticket size: €10-20m

Process: Auction

Type: Equity transaction

Stake: 100%