Restart of successful; operations are up and running

We are pleased to announce that earlier this week we restarted the operations again. This marks a new start and end to more than 70 years of history. Over the years the company has developed itself into the largest direct seller of green products, active in over 20 countries, with annual revenues of more than € 160 million. was one of the first ones to surpass the value chain from grower to end consumer; a disruptor of its time. Unfortunately the company failed to adapt to the digitalization and had to file for bankruptcy in February 2018.

With the team of Globitas and members of the executive team, we were able to buy all the necessary assets (like buildings, equipment, IP, etc.) to restart the business. Under our ownership, we will develop the company into a European full-service e-commerce platform. Data, efficiency and cooperation’s with (outsourcing) partners will thrive the new business model in a market with double digit growth for online sales of green products.


Next to that we’re aiming at partnerships with 3rd parties who are active in the B2C market and will include ‘green products’ as a complementary product group.


For, this distressed transaction demonstrates our value-add with an emphasis on the B2C-sector, and contributes to our creativity in managing complex transactions where the interest of the various stakeholders (financiers of the NPL, personnel, suppliers, customers, partners and our wives ;-) need to be balanced and managed in the context of a competitive auction process, as well as our social responsibility. we embrace change.