Add-on to broaden the MPG platform with leading social content marketing expertise and services


The acquisition of SOCIAL.INC was the first add-on in the buy-and-build strategy for MPG to become the best full-service content and brand publishing company in the Netherlands. Combining SOCIAL.INC’s strategic and digital powers with MPG.’s strategic, conceptual and production stopping power, both agencies bring a new level of support and agility to their clients.


Since 2009, SOCIAL.INC has been The Netherlands’ first full-service social media-agency. Over the last few years, they have established themselves as an important player in digital content and brand publishing. SOCIAL.INC core values are rooted in the belief that a strong brand needs to tell impactful stories and truly make a difference in people’s lives. A team of dedicated employees help brands find, tell and distribute these stories; predominantly through video, on a range of channels, driven by data and creativity.


SOCIAL.INC’S portfolio include The Royal Dutch Touring Club ANWB, The Flower Council of Holland, BSH (Bosch, Siemens, NEFF), Dell Technologies, Maxi-Cosi, The Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, Praxis, Randstad Global and Schoonenberg.


Dolly van den Akker, managing director of the MPG Group: ‘There is an increasing demand among organizations for one-stop-shop marketing and communications agencies. By bringing SOCIAL.INC into the fold, the MPG Group strengthens its network and takes its digitization efforts to new limits. And with Sonja Loth on our team, we are gaining a successful entrepreneur, who has a strong sense of strategic marketing. The acquisition of SOCIAL.INC also allows for greater agility and innovation. We are taking the first step toward a full-service content and cross media network. Starting now, MPG. is able to open up a whole new range of possibilities for its clients - offering services that will cater to their strategic, tactical and operational content needs. All the while helping them build a strong brand.’