Visa GreenCard

As one of the trailblazers in fintech, our team co-founded this unique solution to enable sustainable and profitable payment card programs. With offices in the Netherlands and San Francisco, GreenCard and the labels ClimaCount and Xximo (, became one of the most innovative card programs in the world.


GreenCard enables issuers to operate a sustainable and profitable payment card program that empowers cardholders to reduce their environmental impact. The company granted a license for a consumer card to major US card issuer Discover, whereas it launched programs in Europe, China and Brazil.


The company issued a license to Dutch ‘Rabobank’ for the transition of 1.2 million cardholders to a green credit card. It introduced a B2B business card in the Netherlands through a partner contract with PaySquare, an issuer jointly owned by ABN AMRO, ING and Rabobank. In Europe the business card was introduced via Visa Commercial Cards Europe.


GreenCard was runner up in the prestigious Most Innovative New Card awards by the European Financial Marketing Institute.


How does it work?

From purchase to reduction:


1. Purchase

Cardholders simply use a GreenCard or a ClimaCount affiliated card for their purchases.


2. Calculation & insight in carbon footprint

ClimaCount calculates direct and indirect carbon emissions related to card purchases. ClimaCount provides insight in individual and organizational carbon footprint and compares this to peers.


3.Carbon offsetting

ClimaCount fully offsets the calculated carbon emissions, which results in carbon neutral spending. Offsetting is on a non-profit basis. Cardholders have a vote in offsetting preferences. The entire process is being guided, validated, audited and supported by the Dutch Organisation for Applied Scientific Research TNO, CE Delft, Conservation International and PwC.


4. Increased awareness & reduction

The combination of insight, comparison and offsetting, increases the awareness and results in smarter choices that reduce environmental impact.


ClimaCount's calculation methods are tested and verified in every country where the program is used by independent research institutes with relevant expertise. For the Netherlands this is TNO. ClimaCount can therefore guarantee that relevant, accurate and complete data is used in the calculation of the CO2 emissions and that the entire life cycle of a product or service is taken into account when calculating the CO2 emissions. The expertise of TNO also underlies the calculation model of the ClimaCount LifeStyler®. It is crucial that the CO2 compensation projects are effective according to the latest insights, expertise and criteria. ClimaCount checks whether the CO2 compensation projects have been approved by the Climate Compensation Fund. Projects must comply with reliable certificates from renowned independent organizations, such as the world's leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company; SGS.


Why choose for GreenCard?



  • Easy to use solution at no extra costs to do their bit in the fight against climate change.
  • All card purchases carbon neutral without any hassle.
  • Improve awareness on the impact of behavior on the environment.
  • Provide support to make better choices to reduce the environmental impact.


Financial institutions

  • Increase market share and profitability through sustainable card program.
  • Meet the need of green products and services amongst consumers.
  • More competitive in the card market due to increased customer loyalty and improved acquisition power.
  • Improve brand image with green approach on product development.



Our team successfully pre-exited to new strategic shareholders. ClimaCount was sold thereafter as a licensing business to Rabobank, whereas Visa Greencard was sold to Dutch Visa issuer ‘International Card Services’ (part of ABN AMRO). Xximo was ultimately sold to French multinational Sodexo.


*This case is shown as part of Globitas’ team track record. Members were actively involved in the management and as shareholders and/or as an investor of the case mentioned above.